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Feedback Loop

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Describing the process of a person using the haptic feedback device to print. The idea here is that by being able to control both the digital and the physical output, the user has a level of control and live-feedback while manufacturing, something I will now refer to as design manufacturing.

The perspective of the artist, designer, or ‘manufacturer’, is very important here. The same model could be distributed a hundred thousand times and with this process, no two printed models will be the same. There is a sense of ownership here. Ownership, control, personalization. Craft. Skill. Technique.

However, this concept is not new, as we have seen from Haptic Intelligentsia and FreeD. It is also not necessarily the part that excites me most. It is the notion that the user has control, not just over how he outputs the print, but what the print is, the ability to change it and distribute that. The notion of changing the original, the digital original, redistributing that, someone else changing it again. And again. Like a model tracing game of telephone. The sense of collaboration, direct and indirect: direct collaboration with the haptic device, indirect with others who have affected this model.

And what about other inputs? Can the manufacturer collaborate with other mediums during the printing process? Can sound affect the haptics, can light, or perhaps something even more meaningful, like words which affect the manner in which you collaborate?

Perhaps then it is valuable to have the movements of the user recorded back in to the digital space to be shared again, to be passed on and constantly changed each time it is accessed, not unlike the recollecting of a memory, which for each time is accessed it is slightly altered.


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