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Guided Hand

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Guided Hand will use the Haptic Phantom Touch’s ability to snap to virtual points in physical space and snap to surface boundaries of virtual models. This snapping allows for the hand to be physically guided. I will fix a 3D Pen onto the Phantom so that the guided hand can now 3D print at a higher efficiency, allowing for drawing on virtual boundaries that do not physical exist. This project will explore the capabilities and limitations of the proposed system and conclude with a completed setup that allows for quick and accurate sculptures or prototypes.

This sort of ‘augmented virtual/physical’ process allows limitations on the print by guiding the hand, thus allowing the designer to focus more on the design, worrying less about how to be accurate. It takes advantage of digital accuracy but maintains enough freedom to make way for the valuable hand-craft process. This could potentially open up an entirely new method of working in the design phase. Additionally, this can allow for multiple designs to be directly output based on the same virtual model, so that an artist can iterate through many ideas, all the while maintaining consistency.


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